Thursday, October 30, 2014

#tbt CTMH Style - The Invite....

I don't think I ever posted this so this a #tbt that hasn't been seen before.

I did ALL OF OUR wedding invites, RSVP's, anything and everything that could be DIY'd was!

Here is a view of the Hand-Delivered ones...they were delivered in a Kraft box so the invitation with the big Sweet Leaf bow would fit...
Stacks of everything!
Invitation that was used for Hand had a big bow on it since I didn't have to worry about mailing it.
RSVP card closeup (full view is down below)
Hotel List for out-of-towners...

Invitation that was used for mailings since it was flatter...
Candles made to match...
Yes...I'm a control-freak and created my own Bridal Shower had to match everything else so why not do it myself!!!


Scraphappenswithrhonda said...

so beautiful.

Amy Ricker said...

Gorgeous. You know I love these and was inspired to do something similar for my daughters wedding. I love your TBT posts.