Monday, January 9, 2023

Frosty Days - Jan 2023 SOTM...

It's been a while since I posted the EXCLUSIVE Stamp Sets that CTMH offers each month.

Each month you can purchase a new D-size stamp set valued at $19.95 for just $5—or you can get it for FREE as a VIP Customer! Qualify for this special pricing by placing an order of $50 or more in Close To My Heart products. This month’s set is only available January 1–31.

We call them Stamps of the Month and for January, it's all about CUTE Critters who appear to be "frosty" with their beanies, scarves, and warm beverages. 

Meet Frosty Days - set of 12 images perfect for those Wintery Cards/Layouts or just ADORABLE stamped cards. Recommended Blocks: 1″ × 1″ (Y1000), 2″ × 2″ (Y1003), 2″ × 3½″ (Y1009), 3″ × 3″ (Y1006), 4″ × 4″ (Y1017)

I FINALLY got back to my craft room this weekend, after a long break. I wanted to play with this set because #1 they're ADORABLE and #2 I'm not a "colorer" but I wanted to see what I could do with it. Although it's "Winter" here in Texas, it DEFINITELY IS NOT Winter (80-degree weather in January is NOT my idea of fun). BUT there are some images that can represent coziness aside from it being so warm outside....those are the images I started with.

My favored method of coloring is our Tri-Blend Markers. You get three shades in each marker when makes even my coloring look somewhat

I coupled the set with some Paper from Are We There Yet? and the Mix-In Collection (Jan-Mar 2023). The Bold Honey Butter together with the other soft colors just make this card...

I used the Oval Frame Thin Cuts (ON LOW QUANTITY but it's a MUST - so hurry and get it)...although I used just the inside oval on this card, the bracket frame will definitely be used in the future. The other Shapes in this center focal piece come from the Are We There Yet? Scrapbooking Stamp + Thin Cuts (there's a VERY VERSATILE tag shape in that set) and the Small Circle Shaker Window Thin Cuts

The sentiment is a result of some masking using the the "happy birthday" sentiment from the Are We There Yet? Card Workshop (it's exclusive to the workshop kit but any happy birthday sentiment should work). If you want to see this technique in action, head on over to my IG Account and watch my Reel (give me a follow while you're over there so you don't miss anything). 

I used my Black Journaling Pen to make doodle-dots all around the focal grouping and the all the Frosty Days images are attached using a combination of 3D Foam Tape and Thin 3D Foam Tape to get the varying degrees of dimension...

For the inside of the card, I brought the patterned paper over from the Mix-In Collection and then added a bold sentiment using the Sending Good Vibes Stamp Set. If you're looking to get into stamping your own cards, THIS SET is a good has multiple sentiments from various occasions...

 Thanks for stopping by!

Don't forget that this stamp set is ONLY AVAILABLE DURING JANUARY 2023 and can be purchased for a little as $5 or can be FREE if you're a VIP with a qualifying order. You can find out more about the SOTM Program here.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Are We There Yet...

If you ordered from my website in late-December, you probably already have your hands on the JAN-MARCH 2023 Catalog (you can also view it here).

The first paper collection in the catalog (and on the cover) is the Are We There Yet? Collection. It's full of travel-themed icons, stickers, and rubber shapes that will capture all your vacation memories perfectly!

I have a workshop, designed by my uber-talented friend Chris Robertson, that will make you FOUR 2-Page's a look (see ordering details below)...

If you'd like the workshop instructions (complete with cutting guides and instructions), simply place your order on my website for the should be able to click the links, sign in, add to your cart then come back and add the next item (if that's easiest for you). If you are local, please get with me and I will order everything together to help you guys save on shipping (you will get your VIP Discount immediately doing it this way):

X7288S - Are We There Yet? Paper Packet + Sticker Sheet
X7288E - Are We There Yet? Rubber Shapes
Z1375 - Kraft Cardstock (8 sheets)
X5978 - Glacier Cardstock (2 sheets)
X6063 - Papaya Cardstock (2 sheets)
OR you can do a CUSTOM12 with 8 Toffee, 2 Glacier, 2 Papaya
1385 - White Daisy Cardstock (1 sheet)
Z1985 Gold Shimmer Trim
Z3312 Gold Glitter Gems

Additional Supplies:
Black LePen
Paper Trimmer
Anti-Static Pouch

Once I receive a notification of your CTMH Order, I will email you the Workshop Guide. You don't have to order everything listed above but you must have all the above to complete the layouts...minimum order on my website if you already have these things must be $40 before tax, shipping, and VIP Credits. If you are a CTMH Maker, please see how to order just the guide from Chris here

I will have either an unlisted YT Video(s) walking you through everything or a Private FB Group if there's over 10...I'll keep you posted 😊

Not to create urgency BUT we have been SELLING OUT of  products lately so if the Are We There Yet? layouts are something you HAVE TO HAVE, I'd waste no time getting your order in. 

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Capturing your days in a Calendar AND Scrapbook Layouts...


Capturing YOUR Days in Calendars AND Scrapbooks!

Capturing YOUR Days in Calendars AND Scrapbooks! #memorykeeping #scrapbooking #calendar #love #memories #specialoccasion #everydaymoment #family #friends #cutabove #scrapbooking #fourseasons #yearround #seasonal #smilessavedforlater #weddings #graduations #milestones #holidays #datenight #craftwithheart #stamping

When we talk about memory keeping, it’s natural to think of documenting the biggest moments or occasions—weddings, graduations, new babies, major milestones—but it’s just as important to chronicle the smaller, everyday moments that happen outside of the spotlight. After all, these moments make up the bulk of our lives, and looking back on them can often have as great an impact as memories of more momentous occasions. Holiday traditions, date nights, days at the park, quiet moments at home, and even just random moments that bring you joy, for any reason—these can be just as meaningful and just as worthy of being kept close to your heart.

Capturing YOUR Days in Calendars AND Scrapbooks! #memorykeeping #scrapbooking #calendar #love #memories #specialoccasion #everydaymoment #family #friends #cutabove #scrapbooking #fourseasons #yearround #seasonal #smilessavedforlater #weddings #graduations #milestones #holidays #datenight #craftwithheart #stamping

We love providing crafters with the opportunities and resources to commemorate all their special moments, and a hand-crafted calendar or an album full of thoughtful scrapbook layouts can be just the way to catch the special occasions as well as the everyday happy memories! After all, every joyful moment we capture is a smile that can be saved and cherished later!

On display today as a vehicle for capturing those smiles is artwork featuring our These Are the Days calendar and layout kits, and trust us, there’s a lot to love here! The These Are the Days kits are created with our Cut Above® format, making them an ideal springboard for both beginners and more experienced crafters. All kits designed with this format come with all the pieces and die-cuts pre-cut, and even some pre-printed pieces as well! Having all the cutting and a good portion of the printing already done allows crafters to complete their projects in no time, so it’s possible to create even more in one sitting. (For those of you who are familiar with our Craft with Heart subscription program, the card and scrapbook kits available in each subscription box are all created with the Cut Above® format. Check out our current kits on my Close To My Heart website!)

Capturing YOUR Days in Calendars AND Scrapbooks! #memorykeeping #scrapbooking #calendar #love #memories #specialoccasion #everydaymoment #family #friends #cutabove #scrapbooking #fourseasons #yearround #seasonal #smilessavedforlater #weddings #graduations #milestones #holidays #datenight #craftwithheart #stamping
Capturing YOUR Days in Calendars AND Scrapbooks! #memorykeeping #scrapbooking #calendar #love #memories #specialoccasion #everydaymoment #family #friends #cutabove #scrapbooking #fourseasons #yearround #seasonal #smilessavedforlater #weddings #graduations #milestones #holidays #datenight #craftwithheart #stamping

The Cut Above® pages included in the These Are the Days kits were designed and created with paper patterns from the Four Seasons collections in our 2022–2023 Core Products Catalog. These seasonal papers are available in SpringSummerAutumn, and Winter options. (To see the Autumn collection in the spotlight, check out our blog post from a couple of weeks ago!) The Four Seasons paper collections come with their own individual 6-sheet paper packets, sticker sheets, and coordinating cardstock packs. These mini collections are ideal for all sorts of seasonal creations, and it’s incredible to see how well they all fit together in the These Are the Days layout and calendar kits! By utilizing the Four Seasons collections in the These Are the Days kits, it was easy to design an entire year’s worth of pages, themed specifically for each month or change of season as the year progresses.


Rounding out the These Are the Days kits is an exclusive stamp set to help you tell your stories! This stamp set includes a whopping 35 stamps, all designed for use with a calendar page or a scrapbook page documenting your special occasions! 

Capturing YOUR Days in Calendars AND Scrapbooks! #memorykeeping #scrapbooking #calendar #love #memories #specialoccasion #everydaymoment #family #friends #cutabove #scrapbooking #fourseasons #yearround #seasonal #smilessavedforlater #weddings #graduations #milestones #holidays #datenight #craftwithheart #stamping

For those of you who want to create a memory keeping project with a twist, try out the These Are the Days calendar kit! This kit still allows you to create 13 12″ x 12″ scrapbook pages , but instead of putting them into an album, you get to incorporate them (along with your favorite photos) into a 12-month calendar, complete with its very own cover! Since the These Are the Days Cut Above® kits come with the materials to create 13 pages, you’re left with one for each month of a calendar year, and one left over to put on your calendar cover! This kit also includes a blank base calendar, so you can further personalize it by adding your own colorful reminders of important occasions or week-to-week happenings. It’s literally a blank canvas, just waiting for you to fill it in!

It takes no time at all to create a full calendar to commemorate all your important dates and capture some smaller, everyday treasures, too! It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the memorable occasions and fun impromptu ones alike, and it’s a project we know that any crafter will love! 

If, however, you are a die-hard scrapbooker and creating albums is your jam, These Are The Days is still the perfect project for you! These Are the Days is unique in the fact that it can be used for a dual crafting purpose! Since these kits are designed as 12" x 12" Cut Above Pages, it's easy to create a calendar, or to reserve the pages for a scrapbook album to document a whole year! Because the These Are the Days layout kit includes 13 STUNNING PAGES, the kit allows crafters to create an entire year's worth of pages in a single crafting session.

To further illustrate the scrapbooking potential of the These Are the Days kits, we've even created two additional pages to show off just how easy it is to create pieces that coordinate with the These Are the Days kits! Since we know the These Are the Days pages are designed using the Four Seasons patterns, we have an easy resource for creating seamlessly coordinating pages by using matching designs! This allows you to turn the These Are the Days kit pages into FULL 2-PAGE LAYOUTS! Take a look at the extra pages we created as inspiration for creating your own!

Capturing YOUR Days in Calendars AND Scrapbooks! #memorykeeping #scrapbooking #calendar #love #memories #specialoccasion #everydaymoment #family #friends #cutabove #scrapbooking #fourseasons #yearround #seasonal #smilessavedforlater #weddings #graduations #milestones #holidays #datenight #craftwithheart #stamping

For our springtime layout option, we’ve selected the April page and created this “Keep Blooming” page to coordinate with the “Hello Spring” one from the Cut Above® kit. This beautiful page sports a simple design, using a patterned Four Seasons—Spring paper for the base page. From there, we’ve attached a strategically torn piece of Avocado cardstock in the center of the page, about halfway down, with the torn section facing toward the bottom edge of the base page.

Capturing YOUR Days in Calendars AND Scrapbooks! #memorykeeping #scrapbooking #calendar #love #memories #specialoccasion #everydaymoment #family #friends #cutabove #scrapbooking #fourseasons #yearround #seasonal #smilessavedforlater #weddings #graduations #milestones #holidays #datenight #craftwithheart #stamping

Once our torn piece was in place, we took a rectangular piece of White Daisy cardstock, positioned it over the Avocado piece, and added three Ballerina cardstock photo mats on top of that. From there, it was easy to select and attach our photos! 

To finish this page off, we selected a few stickers from the Four Seasons—Spring sticker sheet to add our title, a small pennant line across the upper left-hand corner, and a small layered feature at the top right corner of our White Daisy piece. We love how quickly and easily this combination of simple elements  completes a gorgeous coordinating page to complement the These Are the Days Cut Above® “Hello Spring” page!

Capturing YOUR Days in Calendars AND Scrapbooks! #memorykeeping #scrapbooking #calendar #love #memories #specialoccasion #everydaymoment #family #friends #cutabove #scrapbooking #fourseasons #yearround #seasonal #smilessavedforlater #weddings #graduations #milestones #holidays #datenight #craftwithheart #stamping

Our second coordinating page on display today was created to pair with our December “Joy” page. Like our “Keep Blooming” page, this “Most Wonderful Time…” page is simple enough to replicate in a just few steps.

Capturing YOUR Days in Calendars AND Scrapbooks! #memorykeeping #scrapbooking #calendar #love #memories #specialoccasion #everydaymoment #family #friends #cutabove #scrapbooking #fourseasons #yearround #seasonal #smilessavedforlater #weddings #graduations #milestones #holidays #datenight #craftwithheart #stamping

This page starts off with a matching base page from the Four Seasons—Winter paper collection, and incorporates a few ½” zip strips from this paper packet, attached horizontally across the middle of the page to match the Cut Above® page. From there, we layered a piece of Toffee cardstock, and a slightly smaller piece of the Four Seasons—Winter wood grain paper centered over it. From here, we mounted two 3″ x 4″ photos and one 4″ x 6″ photo on Pine photo mats and attached them to the base page, as you can see below. 

For our title piece, we took a piece of Toffee cardstock, attached a Four Seasons—Winter border sticker, and dovetailed the ends. Our “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” title sticker was centered in the middle of this accent, and the whole thing was centered and attached to our base page.

Capturing YOUR Days in Calendars AND Scrapbooks! #memorykeeping #scrapbooking #calendar #love #memories #specialoccasion #everydaymoment #family #friends #cutabove #scrapbooking #fourseasons #yearround #seasonal #smilessavedforlater #weddings #graduations #milestones #holidays #datenight #craftwithheart #stamping

To embellish this page, we’ve created a couple of layered sticker clusters to create additional interest around the photos and title section. As with the patterned papers and title sticker, these accents all came from the Four Seasons—Winter Paper Packet + Sticker Sheet and are a quick and easy way to add polished embellishments.

Capturing YOUR Days in Calendars AND Scrapbooks! #memorykeeping #scrapbooking #calendar #love #memories #specialoccasion #everydaymoment #family #friends #cutabove #scrapbooking #fourseasons #yearround #seasonal #smilessavedforlater #weddings #graduations #milestones #holidays #datenight #craftwithheart #stamping

It’s incredible to see how simple it can be to design and create your own coordinating scrapbook pages to go with the These Are the Days Cut Above® options, and it’s a beautiful way not only to preserve your memories, but to look forward to making new ones! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at the possibilities available through the These Are the Days calendar and scrapbook layout kits, and we wish you a happy year to come as we approach the start of 2023 in just a few short weeks! What’s your favorite memory of a small, everyday moment you’ve preserved? What’s a more momentous occasion that you’ll never forget? How would you use the These Are the Days kit to document these memories? Tell us your stories and how you’d preserve them in the comments below!

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

SEAS & GREETINGS - Christmas at the Beach...

Do you live in an area that just DOESN'T GET SNOW (consider my hand raised) or do you choose to be somewhere sunny during Christmas vacation...well this Kit is for YOU!

Make Christmas crafts that match your memories with the Seas & Greetings collection, featuring designs for both warm and cold weather celebrations! The double-sided paper packet and accompanying sticker sheet feature both beach and winter designs, giving you creative control over the look you want for your projects. Get even more creative options by choosing stamp sets, Thin Cuts, and accessories that fit your holiday festivities. Save 20% when you buy the Seas & Greetings Product Bundle, which includes the complete collection of adorable crafting items! a special treat, anyone who signs up to become a Maker in November or December will be eligible to get the Seas & Greetings Paper Packet + Sticker Sheet and Seas & Greetings Coordinating Cardstock FREE! Learn more about becoming a Maker. If you have any questions, PLEASE feel free to ask!

Saturday, October 29, 2022

READY, SET, GO - Scrapbooking with Katy & Chris...

If you haven't heard already, Stacy Julian has come up with a NEW Product for her Story by Stacy collaboration with CTMH and this one is FUN!!!

READY, SET, is a look at the NEW STORY DECK! You will draw from each card category and use the prompts on these cards to help tell your story!

Ready card invites you to document a specific story or topic.

Set card invites you to use a particular approach with your memories, designs, photos, or words.

Go card directs you to use something specific, like a technique, product, or color.

Finally, a Bonus card will challenge you to strengthen skills or try something new!


A fellow Maker-Friend and I have decided to create a mini-series where we draw our cards then create LIVE (don't worry, they'll be recorded as well) using the prompts we drew.

Here is the video where we drew the prompts and explained the process...


Here is our first Episode where we created layouts based on those cards we drew LIVE...