Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Favorites Blog Hop...

Thanks for joining us this month for the SOTM Blog Hop using September's SOTM, Fall Favorites. 

If you've come from Lori's Blog, you're on the right track...keep on hopping 'till you get back around to where you started!

Here's what I did with it...a 6x6 square card using Moonlight Paper Packet...

I colored the scarecrow using our Watercolor Pencils and a Blending's a closeup

Now hop on over to Carol's Blog and see what CUTE thing she has to share...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

While Supplies Last...

There's a {{{HUGE sale}}} going on and all items are "while supplies last" so you'd better hurry and go check it out!

You can get things like this 12" x 12" Album for only $2... can get these Silver Foil Images for only $1...
And...don't forget...when you spend $35, you can purchase this double stamp set for only $5!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Your Day NSM Blog Hop...

Welcome to the National Stamping Month (NSM) Blog Hop using CTMH's promotional It's Your Day double stamp set. 

This stamp set comes with two D-size stamp sets (retail value of $35.90) and can be yours for only $5 with a qualifying order.  What is a qualifying order, you ask.  Starting August 15th through September 30th, when you purchase wonderful CTMH products totalling $35, you get this stamp set at a GREAT DEAL!!!  Just think of all the CUTE cards, layouts and papercrafts you'll be able to make.  And...I bet you will get TONS of inspiration for hopping with us so let's get started!

If you've come from Heather's Blog, you're on the right track...keep on hopping 'till you get back around to where you started!  After you're done, you will have hopped through over 40 Consultants' blogs...that's a LOT of inspiration if you ask me!

Let's get on to the FUN stuff!!!
Here's a look at what I did using this ADORABLE stamp set...a card and a notepad
The card is 4.5" x 6" and here are some close-ups...

Wondering what that Outdoor Denim Piece of paper is?  I embossed a piece of Sorbet Cardstock using Versa Mark and Outdoor Denim Embossing Powder...scored a frame around the edges then sanded. 
Can you see the itty bitty sparkles from the Sparkles Brown & Tan Assortment and the dimension of the sentiment "every day is an adventure".  I also used the Cottage Assortment which are fabric flowers with button centers and they add some dimension as well.
Here's a peak at the inside...I used the same Outdoor Denim Embossing Powder to emboss the sentiment so it would show up against the Twilight ink.  I used Versa Mark on Colonial White Cardstock to stamp the bicycle and then cut out and added some 3D Foam Tape to make it pop.
Here's a look at the notepad and cute little bag...
Here are some close-ups of the notepad out of the bag...

Thanks for hopping by...don't forget to hop on over to Misty's Blog and see what she has to share... can get this FABULOUSLY CUTE double stamp set starting August 15th (that's TOMORROW) with a qualifying order of $35.  You can order here on my website if you'd like or e-mail me your order if you're local!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flirty Studio J Layout Tutorial...

This is my first tutorial in a LOOOOONNNGGGG time and since I have a tiny baby and a very active boy running around the house, I thought I would try a picture tutorial so you won't have to endure the annoying wonderful background noise.

If you recall for the New Product Blog Hop a couple of days ago, I posted a picture of this layout using Studio J and the NEW paper packet, Flirty, from the Autumn/Winter Idea Book. I promised to show you how I did the layout...step by step...for those of you that either haven't used Studio J at all or those of you that want to see some of the awesome features that Studio J offers.

Here goes...from the VERY BEGINNING for those of you just starting out (if you already have a Studio J account, you can skip through the login process).  Also...if you're new to Studio J and want to read some of the FAQs and pricing, click {{{here}}}
  • (NEW users) Create an account or (RETURNING users) log in
  • After logging in,  if you're redirected to my home page, click on: 
    • Products at the top of the page
    • and then Studio J Online Scrapbooking
    • Enter Now 
  • Click on Create a New Project on the right
  • A pop-up window will appear asking to name your project...I usually name mine by event, paper packet or could also do dates or anything your little heart desires.
  • It'll ask you to upload photos or you can wait 'till later (you can always access your photos or add new ones by clicking on the "Photos" tab on the toolbar to the left of your project
  • You'll want to select a Layout Type which for this tutorial we will be selecting "Create Your Own Custom Layout"
Now the fun begins...and here is where we go to pictures (you can click on any picture below to make it larger)
  • Select the Flirty Paper Packet (paper packets are listed in alphabetical order) by clicking on it and clicking "Continue" at the bottom right
  • Select the Front & Center - In the Middle/Sidebar from all the patterns pictured ( alphabetical order) and click "Continue"
  • Select Kit Mix 1 and click "Continue"
  • Click on EMBELLISHMENTS on the left toolbar
  • UNCHECK the box that says "show toggle accents" (this erases all the preselected embellishments so you can add your own)
  • We will only be working with the layout on the left for this tutorial (the right layout will be shown in a tutorial this weekend)
  • Delete the Title Box at the top by clicking on it and clicking the trashcan icon at the far right of the edit box (denoted by the yellow/black arrow below)

It will look like this after...
  • We want to change the pretty flower B&T to black by clicking on that section and selecting black from the color boxes (it will change that particular B&T pattern on both the left and the right layouts so don't worry)
It will look like this after...
  • Next...we want to change the Desert Sand Cardstock on the left to the pretty New England Ivy B&T by clicking on the PAPER tab on the left toolbar and dragging the B&T over to where the Desert Sand Cardstock is
Here's what it will look like afterwards...
  • Next we start adding the colorful flowers to the top of the layout by clicking:
    • MY STICKEASE TAB (left toolbar)
    • Change "Alphabet" to "Large Accents" using the drop down menu
    • Drag and drop the desired flowers to the B&T and use the rotate button to position it so that it lays directly over the flower on the B&T (if you click on the picture below, you should be able to see the circle arrow...that's what you use to rotate the image)
Here's what all my flowers look like after I've added them and rotated them...
We will need to clean up the leaf and the flower that are hanging over the photo well...

Here's how to crop an image like the leaf...simply use the square at the bottom and drag up 'till the leaf is cropped off at the bottom edge of the B&T (I've already done the small yellow flower on the left)

The flower is a little different because it's on the flower

 and select "send backward" at the may take a few clicks to get all the layers 'sent back' behind the photo should look like this afterwards...
  • Now we add the photo 
    • Click on the PHOTOS tab on the left toolbar
    • If you DID NOT add photos at the very beginning of the project, click on UPLOAD PHOTOS
    • Find where the photo is located on your computer and upload
    • Drag and drop photo (one of the many good things about Studio J is that it will tell you whether the photo you've selected for that photo well is a high enough resolution to be printed at that size)  to the photo well and this what you'll have...
  • I chose to edit my photo to black and white by clicking on the photo and choosing the Black and White's what it looks like afterwards...
Now we get to EMBELLISH!  The best part is we don't have to break out the sewing machine!
  • Stitching
    • EMBELLISHMENTS (left toolbar)
    • Change "Buttons" to "Stitching" (drop down menu)
    • Click on the "Back Stitch" - drag, drop and crop (just like the leaf using the boxes at the end of each stitch)
    • Change color by using the color boxes
    • Here's what all the stitching looks like...
  • Add My Stickease Border and Flower
    • MY STICKEASE (left toolbar)
    • Change "Alphabet" to "Borders" (drop down menu)
    • Click on the very bottom border - drag, drop and crop - use your judgement as to where you want your border to end on your picture...I chose right about the middle so my flower would fit right under TKs wrist
    • You'll want to "send backward" so the stitching you just did will show over the border
    • Add flower by selecting Large Accents from the drop down menu (you should still be in My Stickease tab)
    • If needed, scale flower by clicking on it and adjusting size as shown below
  • Add Journaling
    • If you want different sizes and colors of text like I did, you will add a title box for each different word or set of words that will be the same (i.e. for my layout I had three title boxes)
    • Click on TEXT (left toolbar)
    • Drag and drop the "Title Area" box over to your picture allowed for it to be in the upper left hand corner but feel free to put it where ever it looks best on your photo.
    • Size the box appropriately by using the arrow in the bottom right corner
    • Change the font by using the drop down menu
    • Make sure the "scale font" box is checked and it will size the font for you
    • Change the color of the font to one that will pop against your photo
    • Click "edit text" and type your title

And....we're done!!!  Here's what the finished layout looks like...

I hope you enjoyed my picture tutorial...I know it's long but I wanted to make it as detailed as I could so any "newbies" could follow along...

If you have any questions, let me know!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Get {{FLIRTY}} wit it...

Well...I'm guessing you're here today because you want to see some NEW {{{FABULOUS}}}PRODUCTS from CTMH's 2012 Autumn/Winter Idea Book.  Let me tell you, that with more than 50 consultants participating in the hop, you can be assured that inspiration is just around the corner.  In fact you might want to go ahead and sign up to be a CTMH Consultant so you can get these FABULOUS new products at a ridiculously GREAT DEAL!!!

If you've come from Beth's Blog, you're on the right track...keep on hopping 'till you get back around to where you started.  I hope you find TONS of inspiration for all those NEW products found in the 2012 Autumn/Winter Idea Book.
Here we go...

I decided to do a couple of projects featuring the NEW products for several of which was I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to use and the second was that I had to hold baby "L" and working on the computer using Studio J was very EASY to do vs. sitting at my scrapbook table.

I started off with the layout featuring my baby boy and my baby girl (sure wish this picture had a bow on her head but I love it just the same!).  He has had to do some adjusting to not being the baby anymore but he's taking it like a champ and LOVES her a lot!!!  So much in fact that he tries to help a little too much and putting her down is like a free-for-all for
Here's the Studio J layout I did using the NEW Flirty Paper Packet...let me just begin by saying I am {{{in LOVE}}} with this paper packet and even more so on Studio J because I can do things like this...the subtle black and white background with the pops of color!

(click on the photo to view it in detail)

I'll be doing a picture tutorial on it in the next day or sure to check back to find out how to do this layout...step by step!
-------------------------------------------------'s my other project also featuring Studio J and Flirty but in a different way...

I decided to try my hand at making cards using Studio J...the idea has been floating around in  my head for months and some things still need to be figured out but I will cross that when I actually get one printed.

Here's what 2 cards on a 12x12 layout look like...once printed you will simply cut them in half thus having two 6x6 cards.
(click on the photo to see all the detail...especially the "handmade 2012" {{pictured at the top of the page upside down}} that will print on the back center)

Here's the inside of the card...which I would probably make using "real" products so that it will be easy to write a little note and sign. Our pages print with a glossy finish so you wouldn't want your pen to smear.  If you're lucky to have a printer at home that will handle 12x12 sheets of paper, you could run a Bamboo piece of cardstock in the printer and print the front and inside with no problem at all. 

Thanks for stopping by...don't forget to stop back by mid-week to see my tutorial on the layout and the the cards!
Keep the hop going by visiting Kristine's Blog next.