Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Amazon Prime BIG DEAL DAYS....

Believe it or not, I have some non-crafty things that my family has purchased, tried, and LOVE.

I thought I'd share these with you so you can take advantage of the Amazon Prime BIG DEAL DAYS today and tomorrow.

When ordering from any of the links below, my family will receive affiliate income but you will NOT PAY ANY EXTRA for these products.

I'll try to have a crafty post tomorrow!

Solo Stoves

My BIL introduced us to the Solo Stove and we LOVE IT. It's smokeless (once the wood sets fire) which allows us to actually ENJOY the fire instead of dodging the smoke all evening. The sides aren't hot to the touch so if you have little ones, you don't have to constantly be worried about them touching it. They have different sizes to fit all your fire-pit needs...

Amazon Smart Plug

I LOVE our Alexa Smart Plugs - whatever you plug into one becomes voice-activated. I use it on our lamps in the house - as the kids are walking to dark places in the home, they can turn on the light with a voice command. We can also turn on and off the lamps from our app - so the house is lit up when we get home late at night!

Circle Ice Cube Tray

I love using this for my new-found love of ice coffee...pour old coffee or some cold brew into the tray (overfill) then freeze. I find that using the frozen coffee cubes helps my coffee not to get watered down as fast.


These are a MUST-HAVE if you enjoy Spirits. We own 4...that's how much we love them. Each cap holds 9 shots so you're set for the day of drinking, chilling, floatin', etc. 

Wine Wands

If you're like me, Wine gives you a headache. These Wine Wands take the sulfate out of most wines so there are no side-effects. Pour your wine, open a wand and stir around your glass...the wand DOES NOT alter the taste of your wine!

Oil Dispenser

We LOVE using Olive Oil on our roasted potatoes and veggies. This is a great alternative to slapping some oil in a ziploc bag and adding your veggies. You have more control over your application and the squeeze head allows you to use as much or as little as you want.

2-1/2" Silicone Mold for Hot Cocoa Balls

Since about 2 years ago, the Hot Cocoa Balls have become a staple in our house. This silicone mold is what we purchased 3 years ago and still enjoy it to this day!

Cross Body and Midi Dress w/Pockets

I get sooo many complements on these when I wear them - the leather is like none other and you KNOW the leopard strap is perfect for me! As far as the Dress - it's oversized so I wear it with leggings! I also own a denim one...that's how much I LOVE this dress!