Tuesday, January 11, 2011

H2H Color Challenge....and HAPPY 1.11.11!!!!

I have been so busy for what seems like F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!!  With my "day job" and busy kids in the evening, I have hardly had any time to create. 

Oh...and the HAPPY 1.11.11...for those that know me know that I'm a number person (hence the Accounting degree, I guess)...2011 has 4 dates that just make me smile!  1.1.11...1.11.11...11.1.11...and 11.11.11....cool, huh!  So...total AWESOMENESS would be to have a baby on one of these dates but since I'm nowhere close to being pregnant or ready for another one, I guess the next most WONDERFUL thing would be to get married on one of these dates...but, since the only ones left are November 1st and November 11th, and I have a Scrapbooking Retreat to attend November 5th, I'm gonna have to turn those dates down as well... :0(  I guess there's always 2012 (12.12.12)...lol

I was so glad when H2H started up their challenges again and being that I needed a birthday card for a very good friend, I decided to sit down and create while everyone else in my house was glued to the Oregon/Auburn game (sadly, our Oregon Ducks lost but both teams played their hearts out and it was such a GOOD GAME!!!)

I used the colors in the challenge...with the small addition of Sorbet

I used the January SOTM, Find Your Style...some Pear B&T from Olivia, Some Sky B&T from Magnifique, some Sparkles and some satin edged ribbon from the Colonial White Ribbon Rounds...

and the inside of the card....