Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chore Chart - Free To Choose Friday (FTCF)

Sorry this is late, but we all knew it was bound to happen...I was hoping not so soon, though. Here goes my project for Free To Choose Friday (FTCF)....

Magnetic Chore Chart

My boys ALWAYS do chores but we've never really paid them for it. We thought, especially since they are getting older and needing more and more money for stuff they want, that a true "allowance" was appropriate. QT asked me if I would make the chore chart and this is what I came up with. It will hang on our refrigerator....
The days with the rectangles are the days the chore needs to be done and the blank spaces means they don't have to do that chore that day.
The circles are magnets and represent a chore being done...the "pass" magnet is awarded for bringing home an "A" on any homework assignment or test. DT can also earn this "pass" for behaving in school.

Products used are all CTMH unless otherwise noted:

Paper Packet: Caprice
Stamp Set: Cobblestone Alphabet
Ink: Chocolate and Heavenly Blue (for distressing) & Honey
Rub-Ons: Chocolate Love Letters
Dimensional Elements: Bookplates
Chocolate Brads
Sanding Kit
Tombow adhesive
Non-CTMH: poster board, magnets, brown map colors (handwritten chores)


Pamela O'Connor said...

Wow! This might actually make doing chores fun...maybe not for the kids...but for me! :O)

Mel said...

Hi Katy, my name is Melanie and I absolutely love your chore chart. I had a question about the magnets. Did you put the scrapbook paper on magnet sheets and cut them out? If so, how did you cut out the circles. Or, did you buy them that way? If you could e-mail me at I would appreciate it! Thank you! Melanie