Thursday, September 25, 2014

#tbt Kinda CTMH Style...

Welcome to another addition of #tbt CTMH Style...I put "kinda" CTMH Style because this only  has a few things using CTMH...see if you can spot them!

If you're not from Texas, you'll probably have no idea what this is I'm about to show you...

Here in Texas, for Homecoming, we make what are called "mums" for the ladies and "garters" for the guys!  You can either purchase them (if you're not the crafty type) or make your own...the guy is responsible for giving the girl the mum and the girl buys the garter for the guy.

Of course, you know I elected to MAKE mine!

This is the one I made for my oldest son's girlfriend his Senior Year...

Here's a close-up after I added some stuff...It's usually "the bigger the better" but I do think there is a Homecoming Mums and check out what "gaudy" really means!!!
And this is a picture of his girlfriend (second one from the right) wearing the mum and cheering him on at the game...they're no longer together but I often wonder if she trashed the mum I spent hours making or if she saved it?!?!  I still have ALL of mine from High School...they're in boxes and I will probably never do anything with them but they're fun to look at and see what the trends were at that time!

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