Sunday, September 7, 2014

Camping in Style with Skylark...

****UPDATED to include instructions at the very end****

I've had this vision for quite some time about making a 3D Camper (after seeing several on Pinterest) using the 'conversation bubble' from Artiste Cricut Collection.  I pinned a bunch of campers then went to work in Cricut Design Space.

Here's what I came up with...

Can you see the camper?  Can you see the conversation bubble?
Here are some other views...
The door opens and if you want to put something fun inside and shut the door, you simply poke the top left corner of the door behind that little pennant...
I made the curtains by cutting 1-1/2" strips of one of the zip strips...LOVE those things!
I'm working on a tutorial so check back soon!

So sorry it's taken me this long to get a tutorial of types added to this blog post...but here you go!!!

Materials Needed:
Circut Explore or Cricut Expressions 1 or 2 (there are instructions for both)
12x12 White Daisy Cardstock (base of camper)
(2) 12x12 B&T (each a different pattern)
(2) 3x12 pieces of Kraft Cardstock (or coordinating cardstock)
2-1/2x4-1/2 piece of Kraft Cardstock (for wheels)
2x3 piece of Silver Glitter Paper (for rims of wheels)
Embellishments (these cutting instructions do not include door/curtain cuts nor the strung pennants)


First you will need the Artiste Cricut Collection from CTMH and Cricut Design Space (if you don't have Cricut Design Space or the NEW Cricut Explore, skip down to the NOT USING CRICUT DESIGN SPACE below)

Go to {{{here}}} where you will find the cut file.

Cut the files - NOTE there are a total of 6 word bubbles you will be cutting.  The White Daisy is the base (you won't see it) and the other 4 are the outside of the camper. By cutting 4, you can create the look of the top half being one pattern and the bottom half being the other.  ******IMPORTANT****** When cutting the 2 word bubbles of the same B&T pattern, you will have to cut a word bubble then take your paper off and flip upside down (so you see the back side of the paper) and put back in the cutter so you can get 2 bubbles from one piece of 12x12 AND so your back will be the same pattern as the front.

Take your (2) pieces of 3x12 Kraft Cardstock and score the long sides of the cardstock at 1/2" each so you'll have 1/2" then 2" then 1/2".  You will also score the short side every 1/2" to create the curve.  Then cut the 1/2" tabs so it will curve easily.  Like this below...

Adhere all together and embellish - I used red tacky tape or CTMH's Base & Bling Adhesive's the strongest adhesive and works really well at holding it together for a long time...especially since it's curved.

I cut the pointy ends of the word bubble off so it would stand better...I hope you can tell that by the pictures.


Load your Cricut Artiste into your machine or select in in the CCR.

Find the Word Bubble and insert the image

Size to 7.82" WIDTH by 5.84" HEIGHT (if you have the lock aspect ration chosen, if you'll select the Width, the Height will automatically adjust).

Cut two each of White Daisy Cardstock (the base) and 2 different B&T's for a total of 6 word bubbles.

Find a circle and insert the image - you will cut a total of 6 circle in the following sizes and suggested colors:

Finish up by following Steps 4, 5 and 6 under USING CRICUT DESIGN SPACE - Cricut Explore above

Let me know if you have any questions!!!  I'd also love to see your finished projects.  If you're on IG, tag me (katylintaylor) and label your project #ctmh3Dcamper


AaronB said...

That is pretty darn cute and SUPER creative!! I love it!

Becca Whitham said...

Oh. My. GOODNESS! This is about the cutest thing I've ever seen!! I am so going to steal this!

Amy said...

WOW!!! Love this! I cannot wait to make one.

Bren Yule said...

Oh my heck I LOVE that!!!

Susan Freeland said...

Very creative - love it!

west.mjwest said...

ok, too stinkin' cute! i MUST know how you made it 3D. What did you do with the brown or kraft paper between the 2 convo bubbles?

Lalia H. said...

Too cute! That's so stinkin' cute!

Anita Autore said...

Wow! So cute!

Doreen Watkins said...

very clever! Might have to try this. Thank you for the inspiration!