Friday, February 15, 2013

Tommy & Studio J - two 1-page layouts

So....I've always LOVED Studio J but I scrapbook because I like the feel and smell of paper, stamps and ink!  You can only get that through traditional scrapbooking.
CTMH offers TONS OF RESOURCES for premade Workshops (WOTG Kits) with full instructions and cutting dimensions, etc.  It truly makes scrapbooking Faster, Simpler, Easier!  But...I'm a go-it-yourself kinda gal and enjoy taking bits and pieces from inspiration I find on Pinterest (you can follow me by using the button on the right sidebar), in magazines, at the store, etc. and make it my own.  Studio J, lately, has given me this freedom!
Also...I've noticed in the scrapbooking industry that 1-page layouts are very fact several of my customers only scrapbook using this method.  So....I set out to conquer two goals:
  •   Scrapbook with my own style
  •   Make a 2-page layout (which is how Studio J layouts come and are ordered) look like two 1-  page layouts
Here's my end-product using Tommy Paper Packet:

Here are the pages separated....

Hard to tell that this one even goes with the first one...

This approach is NOT what Studio J was intended for.  It is not a QUICK PROCESS. 
Studio J, in its original form, is WONDERFUL!!!!  I just wanted to push the limits and see if I could get what "I want" from it.  While I'm showing you these layouts and at least 2 other posts that will contain the same sort of approach, I also use Studio J traditionally to catch up on layouts or to plan my upcoming workshops. 
These layouts are created FROM SCRATCH using all text/title boxes which means there are no photo wells to be able to drop your photos in.  You have to order the layouts with text boxes labeled with intended photo size and attach your photos later either by adhesive (if you order the printed layouts) or through another photo editing software (I use's FREE and very user-friendly).
Also, currently Studio J does not have the ability to tell you what size your 'text boxes' are so it's a math game (to me at least) and some photo mats may not be exactly the size you have labeled. 
Check back in the next few days to see MORE OF THESE KIND OF LAYOUTS using Studio'll be amazed how different the two layouts look!  I hope to have a "tutorial" of sorts soon to explain the process!
Also...AN EXTENSION WAS JUST ANNOUNCED...the $5 Studio J layouts (two-page spread) with FREE jpg is good 'till March 15th. This is the perfect time to catch up on your scrapbooking or to try Studio J out if you haven't yet!
If you need a STUDIO J TUTORIAL, please don't hesitate to contact me (use the contact me page at the top) and I'll be glad to help and explain the process to you.
Thanks for reading!

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Pamela OConnor said...

Love what you have done with Studio J! I have a question. What pattern to do use to get started? One already available or the No Limits pattern?