Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Later Sk8r & Studio J - Two 1-page Layouts...

This is probably my favorite set of Studio J layouts I've done so far! 

I love how bright they are and how different they look. 

Here's what they look like right out of Studio J...both were created using the "No Limits" pattern which means that my pictures had to be added to my jpg using a photo editing software or I can also add my real photos once I get these printed layouts in the mail from CTMH!

Here are some close-ups of the true Later Sk8r layout before adding the picture... 

Here is the layout after adding a picture of my sweet middle son...he's my wild child and always makes me laugh!
Here's a close-up of the other 'not-so-Later Sk8r' layout right out of Studio J...Notice I journaled in Studio J so when I ordered this jpg and this layout printed, this is exactly what I'm going to get.  All I have to do is add my photos.

And here is the layout with photos added...

Thanks for stopping back sure to come back this weekend to check out my tutorial on how to make your very own!

I've been asked a lot about where I get my inspiration for these layouts!  Chances are you can find layouts very similar to these and any other layouts I scrap (whether with Studio J or traditionally) on my Pinterest Boards


Kim- said...

Its so cool how you do that! The studio J pages you have created are just awesome!! Cute kiddos too ;)

Kigz said...

I have no idea how you did that in Sudio J!!! Boy do I have a lot to learn! I love how all the paper strips come together. Fabulous!

Jen Patrick said...

I'm very impressed by your Studio j layouts!!! Looking forward to your tutorials!!! :)