Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To bide the time....

Since I'm "inoperable" at the moment because the window behind my paper storage began leaking last week with all the rain we received (MUCH thanks given to God!!) and now all my paper (1/2 of which is damaged) is in piles in the middle of my scrapbook room, I've decided to start reposting old artwork to bide the time. I will start with art posted January 1, 2008 and go 'till I have something NEW to post. Thanks for hanging in there with me!!!
Since a lot of you readers are new to my blog, hopefully it'll be something you haven't seen yet!


Leslie said...

I'm so sorry you have had this catastrophe. I have always had that fear that my scrap room would develop a leak.

Pamela O'Connor said...

Oh no Katy! know where to find plenty of paper gf!!! If you need ANYTHING particular, give me a holler. I can supply your needs from my own stash, I'm sure! :O) Hugs! Pamela