Friday, December 11, 2015

Planners gonna PLAN...'s my deal...I write my lists and things I need to remember on STICKY NOTES and then never see them again. I absolutely LOVE sticky notes but they're never where I need them when I need them...they stick to other papers, the floor, sometimes even my Are you like me???

REMEDY: Get this schnazzy EVERYDAY LIFE PLANNER BUNDLE from CTMH!!! Not only can you plan your day/week/month/year, you can decorate it with all your scrapbooking supplies to add that little something to make it special!

Here's what you get for only $29.95 (plus shipping & tax)...'s what you get from me for FREE when you order this bundle!!!

AND...these Planner Inserts designed by ME!!! Some you'll use, some you won't but the good thing about it is, you print what you need! I have all the green done and will have the pink and purple options done by Monday.

Here are some of the inserts:

  • Contact List (front & back option)
  • Weekly Menu
  • Weekly Blog Posts Planner
  • Password Keeper
  • Home Gathering Planner
  • Workshop Planner
  • Task List
  • & MORE!!!!

You can order 1 of 2 ways!!!

You can go to {{{here}}} and add it to your cart...I will get an e-mail confirmation telling me you ordered and then I will send you the Everyday Life Washi Tape and Planner Inserts for FREE!!!


If you're local, you can get with me and I'll put this BUNDLE on my next order!

REMEMBER...this bundle price is only good for a limited time so HURRY and get yours today!

If you already have your hands on this AWESOME Planner and would just like the Inserts, you can order below...don't forget to order the color you want!


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