Monday, December 14, 2015

Everyday Life Planner Inserts...

Planners have been around for a while...each year, we go find the latest and greatest and might even have a FAVORITE!

If you're worried about one not having what the other has, STOP (collaborate and to throw that in there!).

I have taken several lists from other Planners and have adapted & incorporated them into MATCHING inserts for the Everyday Life Planner! And...the best part is that you can buy them, print from home & stay organized in 2016!

More than half of the inserts are general (tasks, weekly menu, blog post planner, etc.) but some are CTMH Consultant-specific...if you are a Consultant, you can let me know and I'll include those lists in your file.


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Krista said...

Can you show a bit more of what's included for consultants, as well as the other inserts?