Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday Night Football....

This year my "baby" is at the 'Freshman Campus' and is playing football. Thursday night was his first home game and the first time I've been able to see him play. The weather was excellent....clouds hung over but it never rained (it did start thundering late in the 4th quarter).


Key got to play most of the game....he's cornerback (defense), wide receiver (offense) and kicker. It was so nice to hear all the parents around us (they didn't know that we were Key's parents), even the visiting team, comment on the "kid with the yellow shoes" being so good....never leaving the field....very athletic, etc. (I WAS GRINNING REALLY BIG by now). My proudest moment was (keep in mind that he's a full-time select soccer player as well) 4th down - 15 yards to go to get a 1st down and coach tells him to kick a field-goal. They are 30 yds out and the end zone is 10 yds so that's a 40-yard kick!!! The man behind us that couldn't manage to be quite the whole game started doubting coach's decision and everyone around us was saying that there was no way a kid this age could make it work. The ball was snapped, my baby kicked and it sailed 10 yds...then another 10....then yet another 10...until it reached the goal post and hit the top of the bottom cross-hair and bounced out....BUMMER!!!! the whole stands...even the visiting teamed cheered the "kid with the yellow shoes". I was so proud that he got it there!!! I can't wait 'till he plays again!!!

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