Thursday, September 24, 2009

No more "wisdom"....

TEETH that is....I got my last wisdom tooth cut out on Tuesday and it's been hard on this "not so young" woman!!! I'm still a little sore but I'm starting to eat normal foods, just chewing on the good side....sometimes I forget and it kills me, to say the least.

I've decided to post the rest of the birthday party pictures since I haven't been creating!!
I made the cupcakes to resemble Elmo (got the idea <<<<here>>>>). I originally used a cupcake tree but the cupcakes were too tall so I had to move them to flat tray before all was said and done.

Here's a closeup....
Here's the goodie bags (it was a small
We also had an ice cream sundae party.....the attendees could choose chocolate, cake batter and/or strawberry ice cream and they could pile on any or all of the following: fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, oreo cookies, reese's, m&m's, sprinkles and chocolate syrup.
Here's big brother smiling over his bowl of SUGAR!!!!
Here's the birthday boy getting ready to blow out the 2 candles and eat his cupcake...

Here's the opening presents part....I don't think he smiled the entire time while opening presents!!
Granma and TK.....

Opening, what I think every 2-year old gets for their birthday....a POTTY!!!!

Preparing to take his clothes off to "use" the potty.....(yeah, right!!!)
There goes the diaper.....

He put on a good show which is usually unlike him but all attendees got a good laugh and Poppy got some EXCELLENT black-mail footage for later!!!
Thanks to all of the following: Grammy, Nini, Tees, Poppy, Granma, Mas, JHW, CJW, DD, KT, and Aunt Annelle and Uncle Jimmy!! Thank you for your well-wishes and your presents!!!

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Jamie Harder said...

Adorable elmo cupackes!!! Yummy!!!