Friday, June 10, 2011

Ohhhhh my aching feet...

So...most brides look forward to dress shopping and SHOE shopping!!!  I thought I would as well but here are my dilemmas...they're the same dilemmas I always face:
  • They don't have my size - I have a BIG foot...but what would one expect from a girl that's 6ft tall...or
  • The heel is too high - since I'm a tall girl, I've never had the need to wear anything higher than 1" - 2"....luckily my QT is 4" taller than I am so if need be, I could wear a taller heel but since I've never worn them, I don't know how to walk 'gracefully' in
  • I get this from my mother...."I can make that" - It's true...the shoe I want has flowers on top and I'm sure that I can find some reasonably priced basic shoe and adorn the top with what I want...this inhibits me from wanting to spend the BIG BUCKS that stores want for these shoes 'I could make'
So...I thought I'd share my shoe shopping with you guys and my thoughts that run through my head as I look at shoe after shoe after shoe:

#1 - These are perfect...a little too pricey for me and a little darker than what I want...why can't they come in ivory???  They have silver but I don't want silver...LOVE the heel (it's kinda funky) and the FLOWERS...definitely could make something like that!
#2 - These are what I really, really, really, really want but there's no way in HECK I'm spending $235...they're the right color...the right amount of "bling"...OPEN TOED (I mean why would I go get a well-deserved pedicure if I'm not going to shoe my toes!)...

#3 - These are "ok"...I don't like the looks too casual but the flatness is ideal!  Not sure pewter is the color I'm going for...the gold could work but I'm not a "gold girl" so it would have to be a very subtle gold...nothing too shiny.
#4 - And what about these...SUPER CUTE flower thingy...again, a little too pricey (was $150 when I was $70 which is at the very, very, very TOP of my price least I'd wear these again) for me and I could DEFINITELY make these...I mean, what is that flower made of looks like crate paper???

#5 - Love the flower on these...if only it came in ivory...and if only they didn't have the cork footbed...oh, well...
#6 - IN LOVE WITH THESE...minus the slight color difference (don't they make plain ivory shoes anymore?!?!) and minus the 3-1/4" heel...they look so feminine and the flower on the side is to DIE FOR!!!

#7 - These remind me of least I wouldn't have to worry about color...ouch $75 for plastic...I think I'll pass...the heel sure is cute though...
#8 - Hmmmmmm....this one is very eloquent...LOVE the ankle detain...LOVE the size of the heel...LOVE the open toe...OUCH...price is high...yeah, probably would never wear again...oh, FREE shipping????  Maybe so...

#9 - These are OK...not really a fan of the gold...looks kinda "bright" to me...nope, price is higher than the ones with the ankle "I could make these"

#10 - I'm really liking these for some reason!  Love the little loop detail and even though they're gold, they're not a bright gold...I think the heel is perfect...there's an ankle strap to hold me on in case I is very reasonable!

#11 - These could definitely be a choice...but, Katy...who buys their wedding shoes at Payless...$22.95 does sound pretty good though....this way, we could afford one more flower arrangement :0)
#12 - Another steal from Payless...not really feeling the silver but I could hide most of it if I could find or make a big 'ol flower to go on top...but, oh wait, look at that seems a little high for me and it doesn't have an ankle strap so my butt would probably be falling off them 30 minutes in....I guess that's a no, cheap little silver cuties!!!

#13 - Be still my heart....Ivory {CHECK}....Flower detail on the top {CHECK}...Kinda low heel with ankle strap {CHECK}...Price is kinda high at $60 but they do have FREE SHIPPING!!!  Hmmmm...rounded toe, have I been noticing the rounded/squared toes on all the other shoes I've been mentally taking stock of...I think I prefer square...Bookmark this shoe {CHECK}
I soooooo wish I could show you #14 through #20...especially since it contains 2 shoes I ended up ordering...I had to order several pair since there's only 2 weeks left, I couldn't chance it....BUT the DSW website won't let me right click and save the pictures and I really don't feel like giving you a bunch of links to go check out...I mean, really, who wants to take the time to do that.

So...there you go, feet are still undressed with only 2 weeks left.  I should get my shoe choices in the mail next week and after the wedding, I'll share pictures of the ones I bought along with FULL reviews...I mean prettiness isn't everything...they better be comfy too!!!

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Leslie said...

#6 and 10 are my favorite! Love the flats, but yes they are too much. Which ones did you pick?