Thursday, June 16, 2011

Miss B---eautiful!!!!... of my favorite things about CTMH is that it has opened so many doors for me and has allowed me to meet many people I'm sure that I wouldn't have met if not for our shared passion of scrapbooking! 

Miss Aaron Brown, "Miss B" to me (not sure why I started calling her, is one of these people.  I met her for the first time last year at our annual Convention in Washington DC.  She was in the audience of one of my classes and being a Texas gal myself, I immediately picked up on her accent :0)  She said she was from Lubbock which I attended Texas Tech so that was a HUGE PLUS for me!  She commented on my blog and my class I taught a few times shortly after and so I started following her blog.  I've since become a stalker of her blog and LOVE her work!!!

Last week, I went to check my mail and look what was there...

A handmade card from Miss B!!!!  I couldn't have been happier had the card been from the White House!  As you can see, it's GORGEOUS, vintagey, has some old buttons which I've since learned are from her great-grandmother's stash (how SWEET is share something so dear with little 'ol ME!!!) it has a lot of textures and materials which I just LOVE!

I've been running around finishing (and, YES, even starting) wedding projects and didn't have time to take photos of my card that would do it the justice it, when I saw that she posted it on her blog, I had to steal the photos for myself!

Thank you, Miss'll never know how much I appreciate the handmade card and the gift inside!  You made my day!  Although I won't be at Convention this year due to the wedding, I hope to see you again SOON!  Until then, I'll secretly stalk your blog and remember the very kind gesture during this special time for me and my family!  Thanks!!! 

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