Friday, June 25, 2010


12 days, 21 hours, 22 minutes and 58 55...well you get the picture!!!

In 12 SHORT days, I'll be in our Nation's Capitol to attend 3 days jam-packed FULL of business classes and creative workshops to jump-start my "juices"...and the best part is that it will be ALL CTMH PRODUCT!!!!  I haven't missed a Convention yet in all my 8 years as a consultant and I'm SUPER EXCITED to attend this one! 

We will be going up on July 5th (very emotional about being in DC the day after we celebrate the birth of our wonderful Country) and will take a couple of days to sight-see and take pictures of course.  I'm sure there will be TONS of photos taken to commemorate our trip!

I'm also excited because the one and only time I've visited DC before was the Summer before my Senior Year in High School and I didn't really appreciate everything DC has to offer...especially the National Mall.  We went and spent all day there but I didn't step foot in the Smithsonian (which I regret to this day)....we took pictures outside the Lincoln Memorial (have no idea where those pictures are)...rubbed some names of my dad's friends that perished in the Vietnam War and ate at The Hard Rock Cafe!

This year we plan on touring the Capitol...DEFINITELY will be going into the Smithsonian and who knows what else we'll find to do.

If you live in the DC area, I'm sure you're used to all the tourists, but you might want to prepare yourself for thousands of SCRAPBOOKERS who love CLOSE TO MY HEART!!!  We'll be taking over DC in 12 days...21 hours....8 minutes and 45 42....well you get the picture!!!

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