Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not so "shtylish"....

There is a is sending out friend requests to the ENTIRE e-mail list (contacts as well as anyone who has e-mailed you in the past) of anyone who "registers". 

How it works: You will get a friend request from someone you know (mine was a very popular blogger whom I just ADORE and I was very flattered to say the least that she would request that I become associated with her) accept by clicking the "accept" button and create an NO POINT does it ask you to enter e-mails of people you'd like to invite, just TAKES YOUR ENTIRE E-MAIL HISTORY and sends the same e-mail you just received (this time from YOU) to your friends, customers, and family.  They "accept" and create an account and it happens all over again!!!

Please DELETE any profile, if you've created one already, or simply don't register!!!

Technology is a wonderful thing but not when it is misused....

I apologize if you've been contacted by this site on my behalf!!!  I would NEVER knowingly share any e-mail addresses or misuse any information I obtain from any of my readers, my customers, my family and my friends!!!

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