Friday, February 27, 2009


I see this word in all kinds of places these days....cute decorative wall hangings in peoples' homes, on display at my local craft store and I wonder....what exactly does this mean?
I make a lot of my cards for my enjoyment only...yes, I send some out to friends and family as well, but not nearly as much as I should. I think it's because I put all my heart and soul into each card that I'm afraid to let it go...kinda like a child I guess. I think it up...give it a name...make it "prim and proper"...take pictures of it to my friends...and sit back and think "I made this!!!" and it makes me proud to hear how lovely it is and how everything is in its place as I would hope people comment on my children.
Anyways....back to "simplify"....I needed to make some cards for some of QT's co-workers and since I don't know whether they will enjoy them or look at them and throw them in the trash, I decided to "simplify" my card-making. After I was done...I stepped back and thought to myself that these cards are just as pretty as my other ones but with less glitter and glam. They still serve their say "thank you" and "I'm sorry for your loss" just in a simpler manner.
I think I'll go to my local craft store and now purchase the "simplify" sign since I know what it means and I'll hang it in my scrapbooking room to remind me to make more cards and share them with family and friends!!!

Thank You card using Emporium Paper Packet
(becoming one of my FAVORITES!!)

Sympathy card using March SOTM, Butterfly Wings, and Perfect Day Paper Packet

Close-up of butterfly detail....

Products used are all CTMH:
Paper Packets: Emporium & Perfect Day
Stamp Sets: Butterfly Wings (March SOTM), Argyle Backgrounds,
November Word Puzzle & Friendship Word Puzzle
Ink: Juniper, Tulip, Sorbet & Cocoa
Ribbon: Sorbet Ribbon Rounds
Paper Piercer
Prisma Glitter & Bonding Memories Glue Pen

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