Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spider Man Themed Birthday...

Welcome to Decorate to Celebrate Challenge #94 where ANYTHING GOES except a card...if you want to post a card, make sure it's a shaped card or 3D!

If you have little ones that LOVE Spider'll love how easy these invites and cupcakes are!

I started with some simple circle-cut cards that I decorated with ovals for the eyes (two ovals - one black and one white - cut in half) and glitter web...

The inside is just as simple...typed up all the details on the computer and printed...matted it to add interest and hand-drew doodle lines around it and added little spider webs and spiders here and there...
Here are the cupcakes...and I'm no baker!!! It's not that I can't, it's just that I usually run out of time! These came together sooooo quickly. I baked the cupcakes and iced with red icing then took some royal icing (recipe found on the internet) in a piping bag and drew the spiderweb on some wax paper...stuck it in the freezer for 30 minutes, maybe then peeled them off and added them to the cupcakes! I also had some plastic spiders left over from Halloween...added those as well!

See how EASY it is to decorate for your next celebration!!!


  1. what a cute party favor and treats love this super cute. hugs

  2. Awesome invite and cupcakes and those spiders sure look very real:) TFS

  3. Awesome invitation! And yummy cupcakes! =)
    Great idea using ovals for the eyes...


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