Monday, November 4, 2013

Gratitude Challenge with H2H...

This week at H2H, we are challenging you to use "Gratitude" in your project.   That can be anything your little heart desires.  And...tell us why you project exudes "gratitude".

I've chosen to do a wreath using the Huntington Paper Packet.  Thanksgiving, to me, is all about being grateful for what you have. don't have to wait 'till Thanksgiving to express your gratitude, it's just a season that it becomes more apparent...we slow down and realize what we have and why we are thankful.

Here's my project...

Here's what you need...
  • 12" Styrofoam wreath
  • lots of leaves...I think I cut about 120 but only used about 85
  • straight pins
Separate your leaves into piles and score down the middle of each leaf to add dimension...start pinning from the BOTTOM left so you can overlap the leaves so the pins don't show.
Here's a close-up...

Now...get your thanking caps on and show us some gratitude projects!

You can link up over at have 'till the end of the month!

If you have the CTMH Art Philosophy Cartridge, you can access my CCR file {{{here}}}.  If you don't want the CCR file, the leaves are cut @ 2-1/2".


maryq said...

What size did you ut the leaves at Katy ???

Katy said...

MaryQ - the leaves are cut at 2-1/2 inches...there's a CCR file if you'd like to download it. Just create a FREE box account and all the figuring is done for you!

Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing your CCR file!