Thursday, September 19, 2013

10 Things I have a CRUSH on...

This week's Monday Listicle is "10 Things I have a Crush On"...

PERFECT prompt since one my things is all about CRUSHES!!!
  • My # 1...Numero Uno...Top of the List...CRUSH is on this man right here...

  • My #2 crush is on these little angels (and I use that term with only a hint of sarcasm) that call me "mamma"

Below are my numbers 3 - 10 in no particular order:

  • Modville Crush Book by about a CRUSH...the name itself is CRUSH BOOK and you will fall in LOVE with all the things you can do with this book (there's another book and TONS of accessories too...check it out HERE)
  • This MK bag...I want it BAD and that's saying a LOT since I don't believe in spending a whole lot of money on purses, clothes, shoes, etc.  Here's the deal though...I saw it on Pinterest, pinned it but the picture goes NOWHERE!!!  I've searched online and can't find it (insert SAD FACE here)...I guess that's God's way of telling me I don't NEED it!

  • WBU Soccer...I've been watching my baby play soccer since he was 5!!! When he picked Wayland Baptist University to go play soccer for, I was heartbroken because it's 4 hours away...not like I can just drive up on a Tuesday and watch a 2-1/2 hour game then drive back home.  Good thing WBU tries their best to have a LIVE FEED for every home at least gives me my fix!

  •  Messy hair buns...with 3 kids to get ready in the morning, sometimes that's the only thing that gets us there on time...good thing it's in style!
  • I...have...a...CRUSH...on...Fall!!!!  In West Texas, we don't really have's more like HOT and less  But I do love the smell of the air, the warm colors and the idea that my favorite holidays are approaching...Halloween, Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS!!!  Check out my FALL Pinterest's sure to get you in the mood!
  • Smiling Moose Deli!!!  I always get a "create your own salad" and I pile it on!!! My favorite is:
    • Grilled Chicken
    • Mixed Greens
    • Cucumber
    • Avacado 
    • Peas
    • Brocolli
    • Pickle
    • LOTS of Artichoke
    • a little bit of Sun Dried Tomato
    • Parmesan & Feta cheese
    • Ranch on the side
    • For here (vs. to 
  • Pandora radio...especially now that there's not a monthly limit for the FREE subscription.  I can live with the occasional commercial to save a buck or two a month!
  • Smelly socks, Legos spread out everywhere, Football practices and games, Soccer games via spotty live feed on the iPad, little ribbons and bows...all of this means that my house is full of the children I've always wanted and so many people long for.
Don't forget to come up with your own 10 things and link back to Monday Listicles!!!


Casandra Bennett said...

It's a beautiful list. I agree about my house being filled with toys and clothes and disorganization at times, but that means it's a home filled with love and lots of memories. And darned if I can't make myself erase or scrub off the many spots where my daughter has written her name...bedroom door, headboard, inside closet door, the bathroom wall. The loving dedication she put into each one just makes me love her more, if that makes sense.

Kigz said...

Such a great reminder for me about the messes I can see from my spot on the couch. are blessing me with your post today! Thanks, Katy!

Boots And Bling Time said...

What a super cute post! I just discovered your blog and I live in San Angelo too! Cannot wait to look at some of your projects...I love CTMH!