Friday, March 8, 2013

Scotts Valley, CA - Football Layouts...

To take advantage of Studio J's $5 deal, I've been playing catch-up on some of Keyland's (my oldest son who will graduate in June from high school) high school activities. 

I went through to see what is already done and what still needs to be done so I'm not repeating myself. 

I found these layouts from a Retreat I attended last November but never got around to posting...
These layouts are one of the many reasons I still, and always will, enjoy traditional scrapbooking!  But...I will have no hesitation putting my Studio J layouts in front of or behind any of these traditional layouts!
This is my "title page" for this game!  I have one of these for each game - complete with opponent, date and score (the little star represents US!!!)...
Here's the two page spread...that's my baby, making a 99-yd touchdown on the OPENING KICKOFF OF THE GAME!!!  The layout on the left is the newspaper article and the layout on the right is showcasing the photo I purchased from the newspaper...
Close-up of my border I stamped...
Close-up of my baby...can't ever get enough of good quality photos!!!

I used CTMH's Flip Flaps to make this fold open...this was WONDERFUL for this Newspaper Article because it was so long and I was able to fit it all on this double-page layout!
This is a picture of both teams together after the game.  You don't normally see this in High School football but since this wasn't a District Game or anything it worked!  I also think that this will be a memory for Keyland for the rest of his life and to have this photo in with all his other accomplishments will make him smile about this opportunity!

I'll share more layouts from his book in the coming days...gotta get y'all to come back ya!


  1. Love how you are documenting his senior year of football. I know he will appreciate it so much some day. =)


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