Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lubbock Coronado - "The BLOCK for a TOUCHDOWN"...

Another game...another set of layouts!

These are probably some of my favorite!!!

You son is a wide-receiver but he also has to BLOCK when he doesn't get the ball.  After the 99-yd Touchdown, coaches from opposing teams had him heavily guarded so that opened up some of the Slot Receivers (that's a fancy word for inside  The layout below documents a block that lead to a touchdown and the camera man got each frame which made this mamma VERY HAPPY!!!

Here are some close-ups...Keyland is #2 (the black jersey) and he's blocking #20 (the white jersey) can't really see his number so just watch for #20 and Keyland is right there!

here are some close-ups of the embellishment details...

Since this was a two-page spread but told one story, I wanted the reader's eyes to know where to go.  I used a Dimensional Element arrow from a retired set to help do just that...

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