Sunday, July 17, 2011

Centerpieces go "green"...

Our budget for our wedding was small so we had to get kinda creative with our decorations!  CREATIVE is my middle name so I hopped on the computer and went searching for fabulous things I could make! 

One of the MAJOR costs of most weddings are the flowers.  I've never really been a flower girl because of all the money that is wasted...don't get me wrong, if the hubby shows up with fresh-cut flowers, I welcome them with open, it's not my first choice of spur-of-the-moment gifts.

Here's a look at one of the centerpieces (we had a total of 3 different tablescapes)....

Here's what you need to complete the project as well as a picture tutorial:

Small Rocks
Grass seed
Plastic (I used small trash bags)

Step 1: Gather Rocks
YES...can you believe that while I'm making centerpieces for the tables at the wedding where I will marry the man that I've LOVED for 13 years...we found a rock that looks like a HEART!!!!  AMAZING....

Here's my sweet little helper that is going through a phase of smiling funny....

Since our colors were Cocoa and Sweet Leaf, we chose these wooden containers that were a dark, dark brown...
Step 2 (not pictured): Line each container with your plastic (since I was using bags, I cut them down to size)

Step 3 (not pictured): Pour small rocks in the bottom - we did about an inch thick

Step 4: Pour soil on top of rocks...this is where you'll need to decide how close to the top you want your grass...we didn't want it very close so the soil was about an inch thick as well.

Step 5: Sprinkle your grass seed on top of the soil...since we didn't have any room for error, I was pretty liberal with my grass seed....don't forget to water!!!  You don't want to add too much water because the gravel and soil are so shallow...I think I add about 1/2 cup the first day and then sprinkled every day after...


We planted one of these a month or so before the wedding so I could gauge at what point after planting we liked the growth of the grass...we decided on about 10 days.  So...about 10 days (it was actually 8 'cause we kinda, we planted all the planters (6 of them) and let them grow.

Put them in sunlight but not outside...we had them in my scrapbook room in front of my windows.


Sheila Bennett said...

Great looking centerpiece. Was really surprised to read that it is just grass. Great (green) idea.

Amy said...

Oh....adorable!! I thought I was saving money with one daisy and three blades of grass but this is even more afordable that and just as cute.