Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Prayer....

Some of you many not know this, but my Grand-daddy was a Baptist Preacher...He served in WWII and was such a patriotic man...he LOVED his Country and respected what the men and women who serve do for us! 

When he passed away almost 13 years ago, I got his little box of sermons, devotionals and prayers...ALL handwritten AND dated by him!!!  It's something that is very special to me especially since his handwriting brings back so many fond memories of the man I loved so much and respected!   

Well...I was going through his little box of sermons looking for a wedding prayer or something that can be read at our wedding in honor of my Grand-daddy.  While I didn't find anything fitting for the wedding, I did find a Memorial Day Prayer he read in Miles City Park on 5.30.1984....I thought I would share here on my blog in memory of the all the men and women who have given so much for our freedom!

Here goes, written just as it was by my Grand-daddy...

"Our Father,

We thank You for the gift of memory and as we look backward to days gone by - days torn by war and strife - may we be thankful for peace -

Many of us know that peace was bought with a price - today we remember those who made the supreme sacrifice by giving their lives that we may enjoy peace -

May we dedicate ourselves anew - that this government of the people - by the people - and for the people may never perish from the earth and may we ask not what our country can do for us - but rather what we can do for our country even as those who have gone before us -

In Jesus name we pray - Amen"