Monday, December 13, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

in my HOUSE at least....West Texas is expected to continue with the mid to high-70-degree weather so it definitely isn't going to FEEL like Christmas!!!  Last year it actually snowed on Christmas was a PLEASANT that I would gladly welcome again!

We put up and decorated our Christmas tree last weekend and I thought I'd post pictures since everything I'm "creating" these days are for gifts and I don't want to post pictures of those 'till the recipients have a chance to open them.

This is a picture of TK and DD putting up our tree (KT was out of town for soccer and I couldn't wait any longer to start decorating...he was more upset than I thought an almost-16 yr old would be :0(....I guess I won't be doing that again)

TK trying to put the Santa hat on DD...
Our tree all lit up and our stockings hung on the wall since we don't have a mantel of any kind....

A little peek at my boys acting silly during our Christmas Photo photo shoot...silly boys!

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