Thursday, March 11, 2010

What do you do....

when being the GOOD guy isn't GOOD!?!?!  I love watching Colby in action again but this "survivor" stuff (lying, cheating, back-stabbing) makes my blood pressure rise...probably wouldn't be so if it wasn't my CUZ out there but still!!!

Everyone watch tonight and pray that Colby gets to stay one more week....I'm hoping some of his good manners and charm will rub off on the other people (wishful thinking, I'm sure).

Side note about picture (not necessarily the way it was out there - you know how editing goes) should know that if you sleep with dogs, you're gonna get FLEAS!!!  I'm glad that, even though it hasn't helped you, you've teamed up with Tom who seems very respectable and as genuine as you :0)  Barring any drastic moves on either side, this should be one of those relationships that will last you a lifetime!!  I can't wait to hear all the details once he's able to talk!!!

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