Monday, March 1, 2010

Distressing "to the Max"

Wowzers....this video has been a doozy!!!!  It all started with camera problems, then after I started and stopped a million times, I finally had one solid video I could work with!  I copied to my computer and it was over 16 minutes long!!!  I sat down to edit it to about 4 minutes, computer froze and I lost all my work so I started over. 

After much editing and problems for some reason with the quality and embedding the video into my post....<<<<<here it is>>>>.  The video shows you how to make the card below.....

Again...I apologize for the quality of the video...I don't know what went wrong!
Here are some more cards using some major distressing!!!  These are all cards I've posted before so you get to enjoy them for a 2nd time :0) 


Erica said...

gasp...those are so pretty they took my breath away! really really LOVE THEM!

and i saw your post about your don't like it? I have fallen in love w/ my cricut since the gypsy!

Haley D. said...


shannonmvt said...

I hear ya on that video can be a bit frustrating! The video was great and i can't wait to see more! I love the cards too!

Laurie said...

I love the "to the max" distressed card and the flowers on the last one. Thank you for sharing!