Wednesday, June 17, 2009


YIPPEE....I received my very FIRST blog award a couple of weeks ago (I even had to ask what to do with it...hehehehe) and now I've received my SECOND. So...I thought I'd better post them and pass them on!!!

This award was given to me by Jenn...

And....I now give it to (in no particular order):

Jamie - Her layouts are absolutely STUNNING!!!

Lisa - Her artwork is always AMAZING!!!

Yvette - Everything she does is so DIMENSIONAL!!!

Karen - Her artwork is SO FAB....ALWAYS!!! (not to mention the music on her blog always make me sing or dance)

Vicki - Her stuff is MAGICAL!!!

This award was my 2nd and was given to me by Carla.... AND Pamela since it took me so long to come up with this post...hehehehehe I give it to (in no particular order - going to newly discovered blogs):

Melissa at The Polkadot Chair - she does a little bit of everything which fits me to the T

Amy - CTMH consultant who's work is always neat and tidy!

Rachel - ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS has fun stuff on her blog!!!

Melissa P - LOVE all her layering and glitter!!!

I've seen where several of you already have these awards and everyone who visits your blogs can see why....thank you for constantly giving me and anyone else who keeps up with your blogs inspiration to create!!!

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