Friday, July 26, 2013

10 Things We Buy Every Week...

I recently learned of this blog called The Good Life where EVERY MONDAY they have a blog post titles "Monday Listicles" gives you a list of 10 things to blog about and in my case I might just scrapbook about!

This week is "10 Things We Buy Every Week" so here goes...

  1. Milk - with a house full of growing BOYS and a one-year old 'princess', Milk is a staple in our home.  About 8 months ago, we started buying ORGANIC Milk which makes me feel better as a Mommy knowing that the 6 gallons of milk we consume EACH WEEK are not filled with hormones!!! It's either Great Value (if we're shopping at Wal-Mart), Central Market (if we're shopping at HEB) or Horizon (if we're shopping somewhere that doesn't have their "store brand" of organic milk).
  2. Gas - with 3 drivers in the house (my husband works out of town, my 18-year old thinks it's a SIN to not go pick up all his friends and 'cruise' all over town on our dime and I'm the family taxi for the rest of us) we use A LOT OF GAS!!!!
  3. Cereal - because I work full-time during the day and full-time at night keeping up with 4 kids' schedules, sometimes it's a "cereal-for-dinner" kinda night...PLUS we started buying ORGANIC cereal which contains less sugar and lots of fiber!!!
  4. Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds - because they are YUMMY and I crave them!!  
  5. Red Box Movies - we {{{LOVE}}} Redbox!!!  At only a little over $1 a night, we can rent 3 movies and everyone gets to see what they want and it doesn't break the bank!  Even if we don't get to watch them all, at $1 a night we can keep the ones we didn't finish and still come out WAY CHEAPER than renting from the traditional stores! 
  6. Gum - I always have gum in my mouth!  I think it's a comfort thing and it's better than always having food in my mouth which I'm pretty sure would happen if I didn't have gum!
  7. Diapers - nuff said! 
  8. Bread - My husband takes his lunch to work so bread is a staple plus I have some boys that LOVE cinnamon toast!!!
  9. Ground Beef - only's not that much more expensive and we feel better about serving it to our children!
  10. Eggs - only ORGANIC, Range Free, Hormone Free...our 1-yr old is at a stage where she doesn't want to be fed with a fork/spoon...she likes to feel independent and feed herself.  Eggs are a wonderful source of protein for her growing body and she is able to pick them up with her fingers.

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