Monday, November 23, 2009

Can you believe it!!!!

It's been SEVEN YEARS (and several days) since I first held a CTMH rubber stamp in my was a Christmas Card Workshop at Pamela O'Connor's house (she's now my upline and very good friend).  I had scrapbooked for several years but had never stamped.  I fell in love and returned the next week to sign up (what a shocker to her)!!! That was SEVEN YEARS ago on November 20th!!! Time flies when you're having FUN!!!

In those 7 years, I've......
  • Attended all 4 Conventions (Dallas, Vegas, Salt Lake City & Orlando);
  • Taught at Extravaganza at 2 of those Conventions (Vegas & Salt Lake City);
  • Driven to 3 of those Conventions (Dallas, Salt Lake City & Orlando) what FUN we had and laughs we laughed;
  • Attended two Regional Celebrations (both San Antonio);
  • Purchased too many stamp sets to count;
  • Seen the Company make the transformation from wooden/rubber stamps to Acrylic;
  • Seen some of my favorite colors retired (Pepperwood & Cherub Pink) and seen some of my favorite colors added (Cocoa, Twilight & Blush);
  • Made NUMEROUS life-long friendships, two of which I consider my best friends whom I would've NEVER MET if it weren't for CTMH;
  • Participated in swaps with women all over the US and Canada;
  • Created beautiful layouts of my friends, family and sweet children to last for generations;
  • Sent hand-made cards to loved ones, and even some I had never met, to brighten their day; and
  • the list goes on and on!!!
What a perfect time of year to be THANKFUL for everything CTMH has given to me!!! 


  1. Your list was fun to read. :)

    And you got me curious, so I looked up my sign-up date - it was Nov 4, 2002. So just a couple of weeks before you. lol I remembered it was Nov, but didn't remember the date.

  2. Love it!!! Can't wait to meet you in DC!


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